HOME CLEANING – Spring Cleaning Service (SpringPak)

Don’t let the cobwebs settle, get a fresh start with a thorough cleaning that will put the spring back in your home. Book this hugely popular home cleaning service during festive seasons, holidays, or anytime your home needs a good scrub down. Spending between half a day to a full day of service,
our spring home cleaning specialists get into every nook and cranny for optimum results. From high and hard to reach areas as well as inside shelves and cabinets, we attack dust and dirt so you can sit back and relax.

Spring Home Cleaning Service Duration: Approx 1 day, unless with additional manpower help. Starts from 2 helpers.

Price: 3 bed-room apartments – S$350.
Others: Pls call for further details.

Work Duties:
  • Clean inner and outer areas of window panes
  • Clean window grilles
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Clean exterior of ceiling lights (unless easily removable lamp shades)
  • Wipe/Clean/Scrub bathrooms
  • Clean exterior surfaces, furnishings, shelving (No removal of items will be done. Eg: books on shelving, excessive fragile/intricate ornaments on display shelves. We will need the client to help remove them prior to the service, as the process is too time consuming)
  • Pack/Tidy home
  • Clean kitchen stoves/hobs
  • Clean exterior of kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and some major appliances
  • Wipe down doors and gate
  • Vacuum/Mop all floors
  • Any other customized request (If it’s within our ability)


PS: There will be no scrubbing of living and kitchen walls. As this will result in patches and potential paint flakes. Scrubbing of wide-tiled areas like kitchen walls, have also proved to be too time consuming, within this budget. We will be able to give kitchen walls a simple wipe down, to have it free of dust and grime.

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