Customizing Home Cleaning Services Style

CareXpress has broke away from the relaxed home cleaning standard of our predecessors™ days. We have arrived at a household home cleaning routine where certain personal standard and style matters. This includes embracing the familyTMs current lifestyle, and the intrinsic word, Personality.

For different personality, CareXpress provides different strokes for different folks:

Impatient? 4 hours too long?

No worries! You have a set of home cleaners who are trained to work fast and effective at a time spend of less than 2 hours. You need not expect dedication from them, our home cleaners give it to you.

Health Conscious?

Be Assured! We have access to the type of product cleaners that combats Salmonella and E.coli, as well as providing information about allergies and asthma

Prefer Key-dropping with CareXpress?

No issue! Key-dropping means trust. CareXpress promise to serve as a security add-on during the time spent on cleaning the premise.


Easy! If you have a particular liking for green cleaners that produces natural scents, just make this as one of your wish list.

Technology Freak?

No Problem! You can see how some of the latest home cleaning equipment and products work wonders. One of the newest trends is to remove oneself from the dirt.


No Sweat! You can have a set of home cleaners equipped with extra power tools and liquids.
For example sponges appear on handles, and mops and made in such a way that hands never touch buckets or floors.


Mmm! Want a special evening to woo your important guest? We can always leave a very pleasant floral aroma after our home cleaning services to lend more feelTM to the environment.

Are you busy now?
No time to speak with Carexpress home cleaning expert?
No Problem, just simply tick your needs and wants online.

It is so easy

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